Rebuild Women's Hope (RWH)

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An introduction to Idjwi (home of RWH)  


Idjwi Island, located on Lake Kivu in Eastern DRC, has no running water, no electricity, no roads and a population of 250,000 people.

Approx. 16% of people on Idjwi Island grow coffee in an effort to make a living. Conditions are perfect for growing high-quality Arabica coffee yet many farmers risk their lives trying to sell their coffee. Crossing to Rwanda by handmade wooden boats, many farmers die each year drowning in Lake Kivu.

Life on the island is not easy, especially if you are a woman. DRC, in general, is considered to be the most dangerous and least empowered place in the world to be a woman, with an enduring history of physical and sexual violence. Coupled with this endemic attitude, the fact that 1 in 10 women in Idjwi Island suffers serious (often fatal) complications during childbirth and the serious challenges facing women in daily life are undeniable.

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Sunset over Lake Kivu’s Eastern shore during the wait for the ferry at Port De Ruhundu, Idjwi Island, Oct'19