Muungano's Office built in 2017 through C2C Fund investment.

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Coffee hunting with Muungano Co-Operative in the beautiful Nyabireh Region, DRC approximately 2,500m above Lake Kivu.

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Development of Buchiro Washing Station in 2018

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Muungano's Office built in 2017 through C2C Fund investment.

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It was during a trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in 2014 with our social enterprise partner at the time, Twin, that we first met a small start-up cooperative in DRC called Muungano (meaning togetherness in Swahili). In one of the poorest countries in Africa, and without so much as an office or computer to their name at the time, Muungano had one thing up their sleeve... sensational coffee!

We use this coffee across our range of blends including Black Label Espresso; Black Label Filter; Red Label Filter; Green Label Espresso & Mozzo Origin Coffees and since 2018, Mozzo purchases a container (320 x 60 kg bags) of Muungano Coffee a year.

Investment via the C2C Fund™ since 2015 has enabled Muungano to…

  • Build an office & cupping lab to train cupping skills and ensure quality control.

  • The construction of 50 new drying tables.

  • The rehabilitation of the Nyabirehe & Buchiro washing stations following flooding.

  • Support salaries of 6 field officers training farmers on Good Agricultural Practices (GAP).

  • Established internet connection via satellite for the office.

  • Helped to supply new equipment for the cupping lab.

  • Construction of a 4th washing station, at Nyangoma. Including 15 new drying tables, 2 hand pulpers & building materials of fermentation tanks.


Latest news from Muungano:

The C2C Fund™ has agreed to support the salary of Head Agronomist Julie Nirere for 2020 and beyond. This contribution enables Julie to stay with Muungano and continue her work specifically with both female and young coffee farmers. Encouraging the next generation to become coffee farmers is vital to the future strength and development of the industry.